Tashkent 2012 route - day 1

Your place to the Nurburgring, 380 miles-ishOnwards

Tunnel is faster, ferry is cheaper, and let's hope the dockers aren't striking! On arrival on the continent, wave maniacally at anyone in a British-registered car over 10 years old, only to realise they're not on the rally and they just look a bit scared.

Some people find it amusing to introduce themselves to other rally enthusiasts by a friendly "nudge" (this is the process of altering the speed of the vehicle in front of you by application of force to rear bumper) - we'd suggest anyone feeling childish makes sure they're positive the car in front is actually part of the rally. Otherwise the chances of "sense of humour failure" increase from 50% to 100%...

The pictuDrive your V8 with pridered van can be identified as a rally vehicle by the combination of stickers and signwriting, the hand gestures from the occupants and the CO2 emissions of a small town.